Most dogs don’t take to a leash too kindly the first time you slip it onto them – the secret is to let them know that you’re the pack leader, and they’re supposed to follow a step behind you whenever the both of you take a walk. Any tugging or pulling is a no-no, but what happens when you think that you’ve exhausted all avenues, including those pronged collars that might seem a tad painful to some, and nothing has worked so far?

Perhaps this $39.95 Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer might be able to help. This ultrasonic device is meant to help you train your four legged friend walk without tugging your arm off, especially if it is a large and active breed. You will attach the Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer between the leash and collar, and whenever Fido decides to tug, the built-in speaker will emit a harmless ultrasonic tone which irritates your furball without being audible to you. That’ll teach him to walk in step!

The more the dog tugs, the louder the ultrasonic tone becomes, and you can adjust it up to four volume levels. Nice to know that this tone will be directed to the leashed pet so that others in the vicinity will not be disturbed, and it is powered by a couple of AAA batteries.

I’m not sure if this is waterproof though, so you might want to remember removing this from the collar before you let Fido off for a swim.

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