Assisted living facilities take on unique legal responsibilities and risks. Many facility owners and managers may opt for a standard assisted living facilities insurance policy without realizing they may be missing out on a few areas of coverage. The following two areas are essential ones that may not be covered on every basic policy.


Intentional Employee Misconduct


Despite efforts to screen employees and hire only the most conscientious caretakers, many facilities are affected by allegations of employee crimes such as theft, assault, and abuse. Many insurance policies explicitly exclude some of the most damaging incidents, such as physical and sexual abuse. Every assisted care facility can benefit from finding an insurance policy that can address this unfortunate risk.


Actions of Employees Who Aren’t Caretakers


Caretakers are usually not the only assisted living facility employees who interact with patients. Employees such as barbers, cooks, and van drivers also contribute to patient care and, unfortunately, may make mistakes that result in harm to patients. The ideal assisted living facilities insurance policy should provide coverage for these employees, too.


Addressing Other Unique Risks


There are many other coverage needs that may vary from one facility to the next. Instead of selecting a standardized policy, facility managers or owners should make sure to speak with an insurance agent about unique needs and different coverage options. Taking this small step can lead to substantial financial savings the next time a resident makes a serious claim.