While at E3, there was a huge area devoted to an organization known as Pro Vs. GI Joe. According to their official website: “Pro vs. GI Joe sets up real-time video game competitions between professional athletes, musicians, celebrities, high-ranking military officials & politicians in the states and troops stationed overseas via online gaming”.

In other words, it gives the chance for bigwigs to play video games with the everyday soldier. The purpose of their E3 booth was to get more donations, but at display was the jDome. For those who aren’t aware, the jDome is a cloth hemisphere designed to be a very immersive type of gaming screen. I have reported on it before, but I finally got a chance to try it out.

Standing before it really makes me feel like I am actually there. It is good for first person shooters, but without my feet moving, the illusion felt incomplete. Perhaps I could have a treadmill under my feet, but I’m guessing I would lose my balance. Apparently, the jDome helps the military train. and they play a lot of Call of Duty, which doesn’t surprise me.

Was the jDome the most immersive thing that I saw at E3? Actually, no. As far as sound was concerned, that award goes to the KOR-FX. As for vision, you’ll have to read about Replicating Reality. If you want to find out more about the jDome, read up on the official site here.

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