Before implementing an errors and omissions insurance policy, it is helpful to know why it is so important to have one. Many professionals purchase such a policy, including consultants, agents, and brokers, but attorneys face an entirely different set of risks and potentially damaging exposure. Backing up assets with a sound and customized policy could end up making all the difference in the amount of damage suffered if a claim is brought against a practicing attorney.


What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?


Errors and omissions insurance was developed to provide additional protection to professionals who face unique risks in the everyday world. More specifically, individuals offering professional advice or services can receive protection against claims made by people who say they lost money, were injured, or weren’t treated fairly at the hands of the policyholder.


Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance is a branch of errors and omissions created specifically for legal professionals. Highlights of having such a plan include:


  • Limits up to $50M
  • Innocent Insured Coverage
  • SEC Coverage
  • First Dollar Defense Option


Attorneys who decide to invest in such a policy have access to unparalleled protection to provide them with a safety net in the event a claim is brought against them.


A dependable brokerage working closely with a trusted agent can bring satisfaction and confidence to legal professionals looking to purchase Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance. With a sound policy backing everything up, an attorney can be better prepared for any challenges that may lie ahead.