For many business owners, finding the right insurance plan can be quite a journey. This is largely due to the fact that there are many circumstances that can prove unique in certain industries. In order for your policy to appropriately reflect the risks you’re likely to encounter, you absolutely want to think about common threats in your field. For those who sometimes rely on the help of volunteers, additional liability coverage is a smart option to explore.

Coverage for Nonprofits

When you run a volunteer-based organization or a nonprofit company, volunteer liability insurance is a must. This is a type of policy that extends to workers who don’t fit the traditional mold. Since these are not employees in the traditional sense, they will not be covered by standard insurance policies. Should a volunteer sustain an injury on the job, your business could be open to a ton of lawsuits and financial setbacks. Volunteer liability makes sure you can avoid this scenario. Points to consider with your coverage include:

  • Separate public policy options for volunteers
  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Liability protection for directors and officers

Review Your Options

Though volunteer-based industries can prove a bit more difficult to navigate, there are ways to find the solutions you’re after. Review your options with insurance and get a better idea for how to stay protected at all times.