Untapped for iPhone and Android: Like Foursquare But for BeersYou really don’t need another social network. You also don’t need another reason to make drinking beer fun. But there’s something cool about tracking the beers you’ve drank, if only to see how many more beers you have to try. Untappd does just that.

Ignore the buzzwords like gamification and social network for beer drinkers and sharing and check-ins and trending and badges and anything else any new app would try to say to gain favor and you’re left with a basic but incredibly useful beer tracker. The concept: every time you drink a beer, you check it off in Untappd and it’ll keep track of how often you’ve drank it, give you a few details on the beer, see who else is drinking it, let you take a picture and tag your location to it too. It’s pretty much like Foursquare but strictly for beer drinkers. There’s features like seeing a real time feed of what adult beverages other people are drinking and see what’s the most popular micro and macro beers. And of course, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare too.

I’m one of those people who wished there were stats for everything I did in life. How many times I’ve used the restroom, how many beers I’ve drank, how many times I’ve drank beer while using the restroom, etc. But it’s just not realistic! What do I have to do? Jot it down in a notepad every time I drink a new beer? HAH YEAH RIGHT. Untappd offers a little bit of that “stats for life”, it’s easy enough to quickly select and rate what beer you’re currently enjoying and there’s a huge database that’ll show you the beers that are popular right now. It makes you want to drink more, and that’s a good thing in my book. I would love the app a little more if the UI was less noisy, as there is every kind of button plastering the screen but if you ignore the chaos, you’ll get what you want.


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Track beers!

The Worst

Starting an account is annoying

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