Looking for that elusive coffee table to complete the ‘look’ of your home can be quite a challenge, especially when your sense of taste in design is far more refined than the rest of the world. For those of you who found the Disney/Pixar movie Up to be a tear jerker, here is something that might just roll back the years and let you remember how your emotions were evoked back then – with the UP Coffee Table, of course.

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so we will just let the image above do the talking. For folks who prefer more words to describe just how the UP Coffee Table came about and what it is all about, then do read on after the jump.

First of all, the UP Coffee Table does look as though it is the latest Duffy London coffee table, although it will come supported by what looks like a cluster of helium balloons – but these balloons are not real in any sense of the word, of course, as they have to be hard enough materially in order to support the weight of the table itself, not to mention the other items that you are going to place on the table itself.

The UP Coffee Table boasts of a particularly interesting design concept, where it is more or less guaranteed to be a conversation starter, and will also be able to impart a very unique character and look to your living room. This is truly a one of a kind table that will play with and grabs the attention of whoever waltzes into the room, especially for first timers who lay their eyes on it. Specially designed to be a very breezy trompe l’oeil, the UP Coffee Table offers the illusion of it being supported by golden helium balloons, and you might just catch yourself blinking twice, wondering whether you really saw the table float off the ground – even if it were to be for a microsecond.

As for the asking price, well, it generally moves in the direction of the table’s namesake, which would be north in the region of $3,800.


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