How I remember the good old days. I hate to admit it but I am in fact, old enough to remember when television sets were furniture. When the set was actually built into a beautiful cabinet and sat in the living room as part of the landscape, unlike now, where our TV’s are becoming smaller and flatter and blacker, of  course what has become of the tangled mess of wires and cables and set top boxes and gaming consoles and disc players? Are they stacked up beside your innocuous flat panel? You’re not alone.

Please welcome Ikea’s foray into the smart television game. A brand new entertainment option that remembers the good old days with a twist, the Uppleva (pronounced oop-lee-ev-ahh) and say it like you’re Swedish, not because you have to, but because its fun. The Uppleva is a television cabinet hybrid with a built in blue ray player, wireless subwoofer, wire hiding access panels and, special hardware-hiding doors that your included remote control will penetrate without having to leave the doors open.

The base unit will be available with an LED TV, Blu-ray, CD and a DVD player, a virtual surround sound system that includes a wireless speaker that you can put anywhere in the room you like. Staying true to Ikea’s modular style that allows you to customize just about everything, you will be able to customize your entertainment center by changing your TV’s size, frame color and add or delete certain cabinetry items.

No word yet on when the Uppleva entertainment system might enter the US market, but I’m thinking sometime next year, but they should hit select stores in Stockholm, Milan, Paris, and Berlin early this summer, and be in stores in Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Norway, and Portugal this fall.

With a starting price of under 1000 bucks for the basic Uppleva system, this could be big! Check out to watch the Uppleva video, or visit for more information.


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