Since the world is getting more and more topsy turvy these days (the Arab Spring of 2011, snow that was supposed to show up in Christmas making an appearance only now, the works!), why not go with the flow by picking up the $79.95 Upside Down Helicopter? This remote controlled helicopter, as its name suggests, is capable of flying upside down. Boasting two pairs of contra-rotating coaxial main rotors that can unclip easily from each swash plate, when you invert and reattach them, the rotors will deliver a similar amount of lift as well as gyroscopic inertia to prevent it from crashing down to the ground.

Heck, it will even be able to move up and down, as well as make its way left or right in mid-air. There is a switch on the infrared remote that does away with the need to reverse joystick directions or remove the horizontal tail rotor. The rechargeable battery delivers up to seven minutes of flight time, although the law of diminishing returns apply here since it will take a good 50 minutes to juice it up fully. At least it plays nice with USB charging, making it a viable option while you work at the office to take 7 minute breaks each hour with an Upside Down Helicopter to go with your upside down workplace.

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