Some of us might say that a particular file is toast once we accidentally pressed Shift and Delete keys on the keyboard, but you might want to think of making a backup of all your important files onto a USB flash drive beforehand. Now, since many of us already tote a fair number of USB flash drives as part of our collection, why not make matters more interesting by using a USB hub at home or in the office? You might as well make a stylish statement in the process with the USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives from ThinkGeek. The USB Toaster Hub is one thing, and you can choose other thumb-drives that come in the shape of a toast. The toaster and toasts are sold separately, retailing anywhere from $24.99 to $27.99 depending on what you are looking for.

I guess it would be travesty not to collect all four “slices” of “toast”, especially when you consider how cute the whole setup would be if you were to piece them together. Not only that, ThinkGeek knows that the modern day road warrior is also one who carries a slew of other gizmos as well, which is where the SD memory card slot on this puppy comes in handy.

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