I’ll lie if you ask me in person, but on paper I’m not afraid to admit that I grew up before computers, took typing lessons in high school and always envisioned myself writing the great American novel on an old typewriter in a cherry paneled study. I still have that old typewriter, now it seems, I just have to write the darn book.

Check out the USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard, a genuine antique typewriter that has been modified to work as a real USB keyboard for your PC, Mac or even your iPad. Already have that gorgeous old typewriter? That’s no problem, with the do-it-yourself typewriter conversion kit,  you can easily bring that baby right back into 21st century functionality.

The modification is quite simple, and leaves the typewriter looking, feeling, and working just like a regular typewriter. You will be able to use the USB Typewriter Keyboard as your regular keyboard, or you can actually turn off your high tech monitor and type on decidedly low tech paper, all while simultaneously saving your work to disk. How cool is that? If an iPad is more your style, the Typewriter also functions as the most awesome keyboard dock your iPad has ever seen.

There’s no special software required and it seems to work with almost all desktops, laptops, iPads and tablets, but please check with the manufacturer just to make sure. The USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard sells for 699 bucks, and the conversion kit to renovate your old clickity-clack is only $74 and available at etsy.com.


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