V-MODA – the trusted name amongst pros, the elite and even everyday MP3-toting folks, is back with what they deem to be their “best-sounding metal masterpiece” yet, where it is known as the Crossfade M-80. Cleverly tuned by a bunch of legendary musicians, producers and DJs, the M-80 will not be short on performance. First of all, it sports a composition of unique materials, professional acoustics, natural noise isolation, ultimate ergonomics and military-level ruggedness – all crammed into a design which is more than twice less the size of its over-the-ear sibling, the Crossfade LP.

The V-MODA Crossfade M-80’s choice of first-class materials are like Wolverine’s skeleton – virtually indestructible, sporting a steel frame, STEELFLEX headband, interchangeable brushed metal shields, durable microfiber suede and replaceable memory foam cushions. You must live a really extraordinarily rugged lifestyle if you attempt to break the M-80, that I must say. Not only that, it will ship with a couple of Kevlar-reinforced microphone cables that will play nice with just about any smartphone out there, while an exoskeleton carrying case offers yet another layer of protection.

In the heart of the M-80 would be its patent-pending and biggest-in-class 40mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers, capable of rolling out multi-driver sound with the energy efficiency and consistent quality of a single driver. No batteries or artificial sound processing are used with the M-80, hence it is capable of recreating a pure balanced sound that is similar to vinyl.

With the masterfully crafted V-PORT V3, it will also deliver natural noise isolation, life-like staging, vibrant bass, vivid mids and vivacious highs. Your ears will definitely appreciate the 31-band EQ with select master musicians and producers, where each of the frequency response curve was finely sculpted by audio masters. It must be stressed again that the M-80 is one tough cookie, where it can survive over 70 drops on concrete from 6 feet, which is just about three times the industry standard. Having undergone MIL-STD-810G environmental tests that include high and low temperatures, humidity, salt spray and UV exposure, and passing those with flying colors, you know you’ve got quality with the M-80 even if you fork out $230 for this puppy.

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