Don’t you think that sometimes, it is just nice to go back to the good ol’ days when there is no need to depend on this thing called electricity, and when you need to get something done, you do it yourself the manual way? The Veggichop certainly brings back memories of a mortar and pestle in the kitchen, with grandma pounding away on her family secret of herbs and spices to marinate that delicious chicken dish for tonight’s dinner.

Well, dicing up vegetables can be quite the challenge for those who are not quite used to it – but I guess this is where the £19.99 Veggichop comes in handy. It does not matter whether you have a working blender or not – but with the hand-powered blender like the Veggichop, nothing much will be able to stand up to it – as long as your hands have the energy to grind and shred your way through whatever you put inside.

It can whizz a wide range of produce from onions to ice, and since you are the one who tells the blade how fast it should go, you can get the right kind of coarseness according to your liking without relying on a knob with numbers printed outside. Not only that, this is also dishwasher friendly, making it one attractive proposition to have in the kitchen.

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