Verizon Begins Throttling Bandwidth for Top 5% of Data UsersOn the heels of a recent rumor that suggested Sprint would offer unlimited data to customers as a way to differentiate itself from competitors offering iPhone 5 comes word that Verizon has finally throttled its top 5% of data users.

That’s certainly differentiating itself, no? Although, yes, I realize you’d be hard-pressed to find a customer who lists that carrier trait as a “positive” differentiator. Semantics!

This change is not a complete surprise, of course, as Verizon informed customers of the throttling practice—sorry, “network optimization practices”— back in February. Verizon will be rolling the restrictions out to customers over the next few weeks. I have a hunch those plans will be complete by the time, oh I dunno, some thing launches in early October? [AppleInsider]

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