It still amazes me that not everyone has moved on entirely to the smartphone platform just yet, there are still certain quarters out there who feel that a regular featurephone is good enough for them. This just goes to show the kind of diversity that we humans are made out of, and it makes sense, too, as the per capita income for folks living in developing countries is not enough to purchase a smartphone unless someone does not spend a single penny of their salary for a few months.

Having said that, folks living in the US are not exactly going through an easy time economically either, and for those who want to save money in terms of a new phone, it is a good thing there are plenty of choices to choose from. Case in point, Verizon Wireless has just announced the introduction of the affordable and reliable Samsung Gusto 2.

The Samsung Gusto 2 is said to be an easy-to-use handset, allowing you to keep in touch with family as well as friends in a simple manner courtesy of its smooth and compact design. Come to think of it, we are so used with a candybar form factor these days so much so that clamshell devices are so out of vogue – so the Samsung Gusto 2 would most probably be a curiosity to your friends who lay their eyes on it. You are able to dial numbers and type text messages with its large contoured keypad, while it will also come with enhanced social networking capabilities that enable one to perform status updates on Facebook and Twitter in a jiffy.

Not only that, the Samsung Gusto 2 will come with DyVE (Dynamic Voice Enhancement) with noise suppression technology which will do its bit to reduce background noise levels and enhance speech quality. Other accessibility features comprise of a voice-enabled menu and sub menus which can verbalize basic features and functions such as incoming texts, contacts list, battery level, signal strength and more out loud to the user. Your eyes will also be happy with the large adjustable display font for easy reading, regardless of texts messages or menu options.

Other hardware specifications include a 1.3-megapixel camera with timer, brightness control and shooting modes (single and continuous); effects (black and white, antique and negative), one-touch shortcut keys for, a Sound Alert Mode, customizable directional keys, a 2″ primary display, Bluetooth connectivity, VZ Navigator and a Fake Call for you to get out of potentially sticky social situations.

Verizon has priced the Samsung Gusto 2 at $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new 2-year customer agreement if you are interested.

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