Vest-Scarf Transformer Won't Save the Planet, Just Your OutfitOptimus Prime and his posse might be able to defend our planet from the Decepticons, but when it comes to helping you accessorize an outfit at the last minute, this is the only transformer you’re going to want to rely on.

I call him Vestoscarf, and whether or not he originated on Cybertron is unknown. What I do know is that he’s made from 100 percent cashmere, and by undoing a few buttons he can transform from a faux V-neck cardigan to a scarf in no time.

But unlike the Autobots—who seem happy to help mankind without an invoice—Vestoscarf’s last minute accoutrement services will set you back a hefty $560. So I guess that “more than meets the eye” tagline was actually referring to their price tag. [Maison Martin Margiela via WSJ]

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