Virtual Windows App For iPad Is Now Available, and FreeEarlier this week we told you that OnLive was going to be offering a way to run a virtual version of Windows 7 on you iPad. Now it’s in the app store, so you can stop playing Angry Birds and do some work from your tablet instead.

It’s a 4.8MB free download, but you’ll need an OnLive account to use Windows on the cloud-based service. Apparently there have been some initial server issues — the initial demand has been hgiher than expected — but it seems to be working OK now.

The free version, which is actually the only version available at launch, won’t remember settings between sessions, but does provide 2GB of cloud storage which conveniently acts like Windows 7’s Documents folder. Given youi’ll also be able to access that folder from the web, it actually sounds like it might be incredibly useful.

I never thought I’d say that about anything to do with Windows. [iTunes via The Verge]

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