VTech is known for their cordless telephones for home as well as electronic learning products for children, and this time around they have turned back the clock to target an even younger “audience” so to speak – with the introduction of a new range of baby monitors. They are the Safe & Sound Full-Color Video and Audio Monitor (VM321) and the Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor (DM221). Both of these baby monitor systems from VTech deliver robust features without breaking the bank (after all, new parents would have discovered that there are already so many hidden costs in raising up a newborn), allowing parents to maximize their monitoring options while having enough money left over for the month.

Merging their expertise in wireless home communication as well as knowledge of innovative children’s electronics products, what you get from VTech is a highly functional and affordable line of baby monitors. This new baby monitor range delivers digital communication technology, where range and sound quality are improved, while interference from other home devices are reduced so that parents are better able to hear sounds and view images from the baby monitor.

The VTech Safe & Sound Full-Color Video and Audio Monitor which retails for $149.95 will deliver a full audio/visual monitoring solution that offers parents peace-of-mind with up to 1,000 feet of range between the camera and parent unit. This system offers high-quality video resolution, transmitting it at up to 22 frames per second on a 2.8” video display at 320 x 240 resolution. Not only that, you get a split video screen, letting you view from up to four separate cameras if you decide to invest in even more cameras at $49.95 each. When dusk arrives, fret not – there is infrared night-vision capability for your viewing and monitoring needs. Not only that, a two-way intercom system lets your newborn babe coo to your voices, where it is accompanied by polyphonic lullabies to play, a temperature sensor to make sure parents will keep rooms sufficiently warm or cool, while vibrating alerts help alert you to the baby’s room. There is also a six-level LED sound indicator that lets you adjust volume accordingly, while the rechargeable battery is a great money saver in the long run since you need not replace batteries – just charge it.

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