When it comes to viewing your favorite movies, there is nothing quite like getting up close and personal with the movie in question. After all, why do you think that people prefer to go to the cinemas? I am not only referring to the superb audio system that cinemas deliver, there is also the issue of having “in your face” images and moments of action that cannot be replicated on a small screen. Trust me on this, when you have watched movies in IMAX such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, you would want to wish that most movies would be shot in IMAX after that. Vuzix knowns a thing or two about personal movie theaters, or rather, glasses that you wear where it projects an image size as though you were sitting a few get away from an 85” display. CES 2012 will see Vuzix Corporation introduce its SMART Glasses Technology.

Features of the Vuzix SMART Glasses Technology include a built-in HD display engine as well as waveguide optics which will literally break the boundaries of conventional optics and display solutions. Head Mounted Displays tend to be bulky in size, but Vuzix intends to change that with the SMART Glasses Technology, where it will deliver a compact display engine that is full well capable of high contrast and brightness even for outdoor use. All output will be relayed into a 1.4 mm thin polymer waveguide lens with input and output hologram structures on the surface that will squeeze the light down the waveguide, followed by two dimensional expansion of the image back into the user’s eye, so that the image created is mixed with that of the real world. And to think that this technology is capable of being stuffed into the temples and lenses of a conventional pair of eyewear!

Vuzix intends to roll out monocular and binocular SMART Glasses for the commercial, industrial and consumer markets by the time fall 2012 rolls around. No idea on pricing though.

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