If you are an avid cyclist, and have chosen a bicycle as your exercise machine of choice, then the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC is just the tonic for you to make your cycling experience all the more memorable. Just what is the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC? For starters, it is a Bluetooth 4.0 bike speed and cadence sensor for the iPhone. Once you have purchased this, there is no need to carry any additional hardware, as the Wahoo Blue SC will be able to wirelessly connect to your iPhone or iPad over a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

When you do that, and have it work in tandem with top cycling Apps such as Cyclemeter and Strava, cyclists are able to easily monitor their critical cycling data directly from the iPhone itself. Even better news is this – it is not too expensive at all, as the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC has been reasonably priced at $59.99 a pop.

You can more or less say that the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC is the ultimate cycling computer. As a cyclist, you are able to access the slew of your critical workout data such as speed, cadence, location, map, time, pace, calories, workout history and more. Boasting an integrated internal odometer, the Wahoo Blue SC will be able to record lifetime bike mileage as well as enable cyclists to see week, month and year totals. Not only that, there is an inexpensive replaceable battery, where the Wahoo Blue SC does not need any charging at all between rides. That is not indefinite, however, as the timelength we are talking about here is for up to 2 years.

Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness, said, “We’re excited to continue our expansion of the low energy Bluetooth 4.0 line of products as part of our mission to connect the iPhone to fitness activities. The Wahoo Blue SC is great because it requires no additional hardware to connect to the iPhone and collects all your critical cycling data, including the lifetime mileage on your bike.”

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