Wake Up Every Morning With That Addictive Tetris Theme Stuck In Your HeadIt took most of us well past the Game Boy’s lifespan to finally get that amazingly addictive Tetris theme out of our heads. But if you miss it, you can re-kindle it—and all the frustrations you had with stacking tetrominoes—with this Tetris digital alarm clock.

But don’t worry, this isn’t one of those annoying alarm clocks that forces you to complete a skill-testing puzzle before it shuts up. Instead, it’s just a fancy digital clock that cleverly incorporates several Tetris elements—like tetromino-shaped buttons, the game’s well-known repetitive soundtrack as the alarm sound, and an LCD display where the digits are assembled from falling pieces as the time changes. For nostalgia’s sake it’s totally worth the $40 asking price, and the fact that you can’t actually use it to play Tetris is a good thing because no one wants to start their day completely frustrated. [Firebox]

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