Okay, I have always had male friends, so I have been privy to more “man stories” than I would care to recount. While I have always enjoyed being one of the boys, some stuff took a while for me to understand. I would never tell them, but there are definitely some boy things that I could have been happier not knowing, but now that I get it, I’m sorry to bring to your attention, the Pole Dancer Alarm Clock.

Here’s a chance to wake up to a buxom bikini-clad blonde spinning and twirling seductively around a pole as ba-chika-chika-ba music plays and cool colored lights flash on and off, she may be made of plastic, just like most… oh never mind. To hear it told most men don’t care what their woman are made of.

If you’re still with me, and actually interested in the clock functionality, the clock part features a digital LED display with hour/minute, alarm set on/off, a demo button, snooze, and a light to illuminate the awesome display in the dark… ohhhh, that’s nice isn’t it?

No word yet on whether brunettes, redheads, or dancing men will ever be made available, but this particular honey can be yours for less than $24.00 bucks at www.amazon.com

Drinks and dollar bills not included.

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