Imagine this if you will, it’s about a week after your fabulous vacation to Miami, and you just finished washing your clothes, and all the really cool towels you stole form the pool area, when there’s a knock at your door, as you put the last towel on the shelf, the towel police take out your front door and rush up your front staircase.

Okay, thats probably not exactly how its going to happen, but thanks to a Florida company that has patented a washable radio frequency identification, or RFID, chip designed to track towels, robes and even bed sheets, at the very least, you could be getting a bill for the darn things.

So here’s the deal, the articles are scanned and monitored to and from the laundry, in and out of linen closets, at various check-in or check-out stations, down laundry chutes and even at the pool and beach. AssetTrack monitors everything in real time and then offers insights via its reporting and analytics engine.

Right now, the Washable RFID tags are being used in Honolulu, Miami and Manhattan, and to hear the story be told, they are saving the places using them some pretty hefty pocket change…

The Honolulu property, which introduced the technology last summer, has reduced theft of its pool towels from $4,000 a month to a mere $750. Thank goodness my towel collection is complete… I couldn’t deal with the stress.



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