As I have said before, I like to see trends in technology. For some reason, it would appear that many consumer electronics are into small cameras. Actually, I know the reason, having cameras in your house that are linked wirelessly can allow you to watch things like family members or pets.

The Dropcam is one of these cameras, and it looks very similar to the Samsung Wi-Fi Video baby monitor that we reported on last week at CES. Dropcam HD is “the world’s smallest Wi-Fi video monitoring camera”, but I don’t know how long the company can make a boast like this.

Dropcams have an easy setup with an estimated time of 60 seconds. They are always on, which means that you are always watching. All the video footage is encrypted and stored on a cloud DVR. The Dropcam has a night vision capability for seeing in the dark, and it even has a two-way communication feature.

The user can watch his or her Dropcam video from their secure online site, and can save, download, share favorite moments from these videos. You can also put on “event markers for reviewing a day in seconds”.

You should be able to pre-order the Dropcam HD here for $149, and it should ship in late March.

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