Wet Hot American Summer: A Satirical Spin on the Classic Teen Summer Camp Movie The year? 1981. The place? Camp Firewood, where everyone’s trying to get laid before the summer is over. Wet Hot American Summer is the classic teen movie scenario: everyone’s trying to get a little action before the end of [insert memorable adolescent event] but they’re all striking out. Naturally, hilarity ensues.

The off-beat 2001 flick is a satire of all those familiar big screen situations, like unrequited love and awkward sexual encounters. Dorky guy likes hot girl but she’s dating the popular, albeit unfaithful, jock—we all know how that story goes. Except it’s at summer camp, that magical place where there are no parents and kids are for some reason entrusted into the unreliable care of college-aged folks who aren’t much older—or much more responsible. The comedy, written by Michael Showalter, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and though it wasn’t a box office moneymaker, it has since gained something of a cult following. [Netflix]

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