Whether you are a part-time sailor who enjoys an occasional weekend cruise or a full-time liveaboard adventurer, you need boat insurance. If you’re wondering what is generally covered by this type of insurance, continue reading to learn the basics.

Sinking and Physical Damage

With most boat insurance in San Diego policies, the total loss (or cost of replacing the boat itself and all valuables aboard) is covered, so in an event like a sinking, you would be able to replace your vessel. Your policy also covers a variety of other liabilities that may cause physical harm to the boat.


Your boat insurance should include protection against theft and vandalism. These coverages are extremely important, because a boat is often left unattended in the marina. Theft and will usually appear in a general insurance policy, but always check to be sure that both theft and vandalism are covered.


Fire damage must always be included in a basic boat insurance policy. Fire is a risk not only to the boat itself but to life and limb, and is a basic inclusion that you cannot go without.

Many other essentials exist in a standard policy sold by a reputable insurer, but always check your must-be-insured list against any policy before you sign. If you need extra coverage, your agent will be happy to detail all of the available options.