Tail coverage can be added to an insurance policy, thereby extending the duration of time in which it is acceptable to file claims. Keep in mind that this only pertains to claims that occurred during the insured period declared in the original insurance policy – with this kind of additional insurance, you can file them after the end date within a specific period of time.

How Long Does the Tail Insurance Period Last

The duration of your tail insurance depends specifically on the policy that is written up for you. It might last 30 days, 90 days, or even a year or more. The extra time afforded to file a claim with this type of coverage occurs without penalty or other repercussions. Note that it does not extend the duration of your existing insurance – it is not to be seen as a grace period in which claims may accumulate. It simply allows a delay in filing.

How Can Tail Coverage Help Me

We can all use a bit of extra time to get things done, and an extended claims period can be a fantastic tool to help you manage your claims load. Additionally, if a claim is not yet ready to be filed and processed before the existing insurance runs out, the extra time will allow you to handle that case without having to rush.

Tail coverage can help you to better manage both your claims and your time.