Whimsical Floating Desk Supported By Balloons and Giant Jenga PiecesAfter a magazine article noted that its reception area was “small and routine,” ad agency Boys and Girls decided to do something about it. So they created this brilliant floating reception desk that looks like it was inspired by Pixar’s Up.

According to the agency’s website, making the desk a reality required some extensive research and development, resulting in several breakthroughs in the field of rainbow helium balloon technology:

A company called Twisted Image finally started production in February. Their job was to fabricate permanent hot air balloons strong enough to carry the weight of the desk. A new type of rubber composite was used to make balloons that were genuinely air-tight and would never degrade, and Caltech were called upon to supply a Heluim/Hydrogen hybrid gas with an atomic weight 150 times lighter than Helium alone.

How else could such a unique design ever be constructed in real life? Hidden hanging support cables? Fake balloons camouflaging a hole in the ceiling? That’s just ridiculous. We’re also assuming the agency reached out to Hasbro for an advanced copy of its new life-size version of Jenga for the wooden blocks holding up the other end of the table.

Whimsical Floating Desk Supported By Balloons and Giant Jenga Pieces

[Boys and Girls via Dezeen]

Images by Liam Murphy

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