Are you someone who tends to forget where you left your keys? That can be quite disastrous, especially when you need to call a locksmith in the dead of the night to break down your door simply because you left them inside for the umpteenth time. Definitely not easy on your pockets, and it will drive your landlord nuts (if you rent) and your neighbors will be complaining about all the sound as your door is being hacked down by a power drill.

Well, to prevent such things from happening ever again in the future, how about considering a simple £4.99 purchase that is known as the Whistle Key Finder? This is a pretty self-explanatory device, where all you need to do is whistle and the Key Finder will light up and beep noisily to gain your attention. There is just one problem we have with this – what if you’re hard of hearing, or should you forget that you need to whistle? A single CR2016 battery will power this puppy right from the get go.

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