Collector Car Insurance

Collector Car Insurance If you are the owner of a classic car, you may be paying for a standard insurance policy when you could be saving money by switching to collector car insurance. When it comes to collector or classic cars, which typically need to be over15 years old to be considered classic, an insurance agency can often custom create a policy the provides all the coverage that you need at a much lower cost than a standard policy.

Personalized Policies

Each collector car is different and requires specific policy details in order to provide the right coverage. If your car has been redesigned or rebuilt, you may drive it on public roadways quite frequently, which would require collision insurance in case of an accident. You wouldn’t want all of your time and hard work to go to waste by not having the coverage to ensure that your car is protected while you are driving. If your classic car is more for show than for travel, you may not need the same amount of coverage and could probably get away with a low premium. By choosing collector car insurance that is specific to your needs, you can weed out unnecessary options and stick with paying for only the parts of the policy that you really need. Speaking with an insurance agent about your vehicle and you needs can be a good place to start.