Why Is There an iPad In the Middle Of My Monopoly Board?Even though they’ve already sold millions and millions of copies, Hasbro feels that Monopoly, Battleship and The Game of Life needed a 21st century makeover. So its created these zAPPed versions that incorporate gameplay elements into your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The first enhanced title released is The Game Of Life which moves the spinner to the iPad and plays hi-larious clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos as you progress through the game. It’s available now for $25, minus the cost of the iPad of course.

In June Monopoly will be available, which seems to be a little more useful, turning your iPad, iPhone or iPod into a portable banking unit that makes it easier to keep track of every player’s funds.

And in September Battleship will hit stores and seems to be the most ambitious of the three games. It will include special ship playing pieces that are automatically recognized and tracked by the iPad when they’re placed on its screen. And it’s probably a safe assumption that the game will include over-the-top animations and sound effects as you wage a fictitious sea battle on your opponent. [Hasbro via Ubergizmo via Chip Chick]

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