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The US Bureau of Labor and Statisticslists the construction industry as being in thetop five for most workers’ compensation claims filed. Proper workers’ compensation coverage should be of particular concern to Artisan Contractors in NY, as HVAC workers file the most workers’ compensation claims in the construction industry. While having a workers’ compensation policy is a legal requirement for most contractors, the quality and extent of coverage can vary dramatically from plan to plan. Having quality coverage will make a huge difference when it matters the most.

Unique Workers’ Compensation Concerns for the Construction Industry

The construction industry experiences some of the highest numbers of serious on the job accidents of all major industries. Common reasons for employees to file workers compensation claims include alleged injury due to falling debrisArtisan Contractors NY, repetitive motion injuries, slip and falls, exposure to hazardous materials, and accidents related to alleged employer negligence.

What Are The Features Of A Quality Workers’ Compensation Insurance Plan?

The economic difficulties in recent history had a pronounced effect on the construction industry. To make matters worse, some contractors have had to with deal rising insurance premium costs at the worst possible time for their business. Solid insurance plans will offer options like price saving guaranteed costs, large deductibles to keep business cash flow high, dedicated defense against fraudulent claims, risk control, and loss sensitive programs. Experienced insurance brokers will provide the valuable service of custom tailoring workers’ compensation plans to fit the unique needs of Artisan Contractors in NY