The restaurant business can be exciting, nerve-wracking and satisfying, and thats before the doors even open. Satisfied customers and a solid cash flow seem to make it all worthwhile. But when someone gets hurt, it can all change in an instant. Because insurance for a restaurant can be much less costly than a lawsuit, it makes sense to have liability coverage.

Restaurant owners have several types of potential risks, including general, product and liquor liability. If a customer is injured while in the restaurant or parking lot, you can be held liable for that persons medical costs. If he or she can prove you were negligent due to poor maintenance, ill-placed objects, or even the actions of an employee, you could be in for some expensive bills.

Product liability covers problems that can occur with the food you serve. For example, a restaurant owner can be held responsible for food poisoning from salmonella or illness due to hepatitis. Insurance can cover you if the business is sued for medical expenses and punitive damages.

A restaurant or bar can have liquor liability insurance, which protects against drunken patrons actions. Without it, an establishment can be held responsible for property destruction and other acts of violence performed by an intoxicated customer.

Of all the possible concerns in owning a business, you dont need to make legal problems one of them. Liability insurance for a restaurant can ease that burden.