If you are a true blue geek at heart, and want to make sure that everyone around you knows just how much geekery you hold under that skin of yours, surely wearing a double layered bespoked shirt with a pair of cufflinks that resemble a key from the computer keyboard would send the message across discreetly, no? Well, you might want to take things a step further with the £194.99 Wi-Fi Cufflinks.

Yes sir, this is definitely no ordinary pair of cufflinks, and it is a far better idea than GPS-integrated underpants. Apart from carrying around a portable, built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capability, it also holds 2GB of internal memory, while making sure that your shirt’s cuffs are secured in its very own way! Fashioned in rhodium-plated base metal alongside a gleaming silver finish, each stylish oval has its own duty – the first cufflink stashes up to 2GB of data, while the other can be programmed to share any high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection.

Just make sure you download the accompanying software, plug the cufflink into your computer and you can obtain a wireless connection for your smartphone, tablet and other wireless devices. Definitely not something I would want to get wet, that’s for sure.

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