Wicked Audio knows exactly what they’re doing, so you can be sure that their latest pair of Helix earphones will not only look good, but sound great as well. After all, they do have a reputation to live up to as well, so their latest release, the Wicked Helix earphones, is finally made available to the masses around the country. Of course, just in case you were wondering where you’ve seen the Wicked HElix before, that’s because it debuted at CES 2011 earlier this year.

Thanks to the Helix earphones exhibiting EarHugger technology, no longer are you held back by the shackles of a wired connection that is all to weak. After all, it lets you be as free and as active as you’d like without having to worry about them falling out of your ears whenever you get too active. Not only that, they have also been designed to fit comfortably and hang snugly around your ear, more or less guaranteeing an enjoyable listening experience.

When it comes to headphones, it makes perfect sense to look into the kind of hardware that went into the mix. For instance, the Wicked Helix has a 10mm driver and will feature maximum noise isolation, preventing ‘enemies of music’ like ambient noise to ensure pure sound quality. The tip itself is gold-plated so that there won’t be any damage and corrosion due to the ravages of time, while the the cord measures a cool 1.2 meters in length for maximum flexibility.

According to Paul Marshall, VP of Sales, Empire Brands, “Wicked Audio is always looking for a way to cater to active consumer’s needs, after all, we endorse a number of extreme sports athletes. The Helix earphones offer our customers a much-needed solution to rock out to their favorite tunes without any worry of losing your earphones.”

You will be able to choose from a trio of bold color combinations such as Blue/Orange, Magenta/Yellow, and Black/White, and surprisingly, they aren’t expensive at all, considering the $14.99 price tag that accompanies it.

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