I have been trying for a while, but I finally got to go hands-on with the Sleek, a signal-boosting antenna for smartphones from Wilson.

The Sleek is designed for use with an automobile. It comes with an antenna that suction cups to the car roof and communicates with the cellular site. It also includes another amplifier that works like a cellular phone cradle, and is powered by through the cigarette lighter that boosts the signal to and from a cell site.

Wilson’s Sleek connects to the smartphone with a mini USB cable, so it will power the cell phone while you are driving. With the help of a Bluetooth headset or a smartphone on speaker, you can have a long conversation for a long drive through “dead zones”.

I wish I had a chance to try this out on some long distance trip. Recently, I drove from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City, and I talked on the phone most of the way there. I was surprised that I had clear reception on my Droid X Android phone and didn’t cut out, even though there isn’t much in between those major cities.

If you have a long drive ahead of you through “nowhere”, you might want to get this Wilson Sleek, you should be able to purchase it on Amazon for about $79.99, marked down from $129.95.


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