I really can’t be certain how it is in the rest of the world, but counterfeit stuff is very commonplace here in the New York area, and it’s not just in back rooms in Chinatown, it’s on the street in broad daylight and in storefronts… Heck, I’ve even seen a counterfeit “party” with luxury label handbags, complete with wine and cheese. It didn’t seem like a big deal, until I wanted an elegant bag of my own, and wondered if everyone would just assume it was a fake. It really isn’t a victimless crime is it?

Well, WISeKey is revolutionizing the world of luxury brands by protecting companies like Hublot, Dior and Chris & Cris with patented Digital Brand Protection Solutions. The new technology consists of creating an electronic guarantee certificate with an algorithm, which contains the item’s identity code and is securely stored on a SmartCard that will enable special access to a reserved space on the brand’s website. Sales outlets and clients will be able to use the SmartCard to instantly check online to see if an item is genuine. The combination provides a fail-safe solution that is impossible to replicate and, at a fraction of the cost of sales lost due to counterfeiting.

Once and for all someone has come out with a brand new way to protect luxury brands, while fighting counterfeiting, boosting sales and providing a private social network for brand enthusiasts, all at the same time.

WISeKey is meeting with other organizations to further develop the creative use of WISeKey’s security and authentication technology. WISekey is embedding its unique patented technology as part of a broader brand protection policy. Anti-counterfeiting measures are organized around each brand WISeKey is working with.

So someday it won’t be that easy to come across a $40.00 Dior bag, but when you do plunk down $3500.00 bucks for one, you’ll know for sure its real… and that’s a very good thing.


Source:  www.wisekey.com


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