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Woman Pulled from Monstrous Jaws of ATM MachineGetting cash out of an ATM is usually something I’d consider a non-dangerous activity. Usually! This was not the case for one Pennsylvanian woman, who had to have firefighters tear her stuck hand out of an ATM. This dangerous world…

The woman, whose hand was trapped in the money slot up to her wrist, claims she was reaching it up in there in the first place because the machine didn’t dispense her cash. Which sounds sort of fishy to me! Have you ever tried to stick your arm up into a vending machine to score a free Twix? Yeah. The trapped customer got out with only minor scrapes, and the bank commented with the following: “Our primary concern is to provide a safe, convenient banking experience for our clients.” Well, you sure BLEW IT, bank. [WPXI, Photo: Shutterstock/prism68]

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