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World War 2 Bombing Runs Changed the Weather Over EnglandAccording to scientists, climate change is real. Humans have, are and will continue to affect this planet’s weather with their CO2 shenanigans. This includes WW2, where there was a demonstrable human-created invention that had a measurable impact on the weather.

That invention is the bomber. There were many, but the one you’re probably thinking of looks something like the Flying Fortress. This four-engine flying tank was the workhorse of the bombing war, and its contrails were responsible for a 0.8 °C decrease in air temperature around the bases from which it flew to go blast the hell out of the Nazis.

But you said cooler! I know. I know what I said. Contrails, long suspected of having some of the same effects as naturally occurring cloud cover, can cause both a decrease and increase in temperature. Unfortunately for us, it’s mostly the latter that happens. [New Scientist, Image: Image: Popperfoto/Getty]

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