First, I must confess something, I do NOT have an iPhone. Let me say it again for those of you shaking their head in disappointment and disbelief (and the rare few among us applauding gently) In fact, I don’t own a Smartphone of any kind. I guess I like to delude myself into thinking I’m smart enough all by myself, and while I dabble in iPads and Android tablets and some cloud browsing, I have yet to turn my life over to my phone, although I considered it this weekend, and I consider it everytime I find out about things like the Xappr.

Please allow me to introduce you, the Xappr is a soon to be available Smartphone accessory that allows you to play amazing augmented reality games on your phone! Available as the Xappr and Micro-Xappr these weapons of mass destruction will allow you to conquer invading alien armies and take down alien spacecraft all with your super powerful iPhone.

The Xappr folks have already developed about 10 augmented reality games, including ones that let you hunt down ghosts, eliminate alien spacecraft, hunt zombies and shoot down flying robots and in the spring, look for a release from MetalCompass that will enable awesome player-to-player combat with both the Xappr and Micro-Xappr guns that will include deathmatch, last man standing and team mode.

See? If I knew I could engage in something called “Deathmatch” on a phone, I would have ditched my beloved flip-phone years ago. Even though I’m pretty sure I can only play the games in my house, let’s  face it, waving my iPhone gun around in the subway may not be the best of ideas… although it’ll probably dramtically increase my chances of getting a seat!

The Xappr guns will be available this spring for customers from the US, EU, Isreal and Canada , You can get a discount by pre-ordering from the website for around 30 bucks.


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