Xbox Live Users Are Being Hacked for Virtual FIFA GearXbox Live users are under attack on two levels: hackers are targeting them at an alarming rate and using their MS points on FIFA ’11 and ’12 in-game gear; and Microsoft is then shutting down their accounts to investigate for up to 25 days.

A strange, and seeming profitless pattern has cropped up among Xbox Live users. Their accounts are compromised, and the hackers install or buy Fifa ’11 or ’12, and then they drain the remaining MS point balance into in-game items. Microsoft has been slow to respond, and several users who’ve had this happen to them have reported being locked out of their accounts for massive amounts of time (21 business days!) and generally being frozen out of the investigation process.

The FIFA schtick is probably a running troll, since it’s basically impossible to transfer MS points to another Live account, but Microsoft basically bricking your account for a month just because you got hacked seems like unnecessary salt on an an obviously goody wound. That is, unless this is just a particularly black hat campaign from the PR team at PSN. [WhattheGeek/Reddit via Ars Technica]

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