Given the chance, I am sure many of us would try electronics before we buy. Between the lack of touching and feeling via online shopping and stiff return policies of stores – we often have to make a buying decision without full knowledge. Sure, some devices are a no brainer when they are released. But inevitably we make a bad purchase. Imagine if you were able to touch and feel and play with the best new gadgets before we buy. Experiment with the Espresso maker, jabber on the Jawbone. What a way to save time and money.

YBUY membership club, a startup, intends to offer exactly that. For just a $24.95 you can use a product for up to a month.  At the end of the month the decision is up to you. If you opt to buy, your $24.95 goes towards the cost of the gadget. Not impressed? Dress the device back in its packaging and send it back. Shipping is free both ways.

Sound too good to be true? YBUY membership is currently capped. However there are reportedly over 50,000 consumers on the waiting list. And in July YBUY received $1M in funding from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s investment firm Tomorrow Ventures. With momentum like that and considering the amount of time, hassle and money we could save on the purchases we should have never made, the wait for membership may be worth it. Visit to learn more.

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