You Don’t Need Hallucinogens to Enjoy This Psychedelic Light Show [Video]

You Don’t Need Hallucinogens to Enjoy This Psychedelic Light Show [Video]

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You Don't Need Hallucinogens to Enjoy This Psychedelic Light Show Gizmodo is giving those of you in New York this weekend the chance to win two tickets to the 3 night only, multi-sensory experience: “Joshua Light-Show: Fulldome” After getting a chance to check out the rehearsal show last night, Gizmodo’s Sam Biddle was blown away.

The brain’s an amazing thing, and scientist still struggle to explain how and why we process the world the way we beautifully do. The Museum of Natural History’s featuring a splendid exhibit on this topic, and, to give you some fodder, a mind-blowing light show to go along with it. We got a chance to check out the show behind the scenes, and… wow.

The production—”Fulldome”—is the work of legendary visual artist group Joshua Light Show, brains behind eye-popping sets for The Who and The Grateful Dead, among others. Fulldome’s not a rock concert, but our brains were sufficiently sizzled: dazzling colors projected across the museum’s Hayden Planetarium, swirling oils, shimmering 3D forms—it was like being inside the finale of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In a good way. The show seems so intricate and amazingly executed that you’d assume it’s choreographed, but the team told us every performance is unique, with each mesmerizing transition improvised on the fly. It may be the best workout my retinas have ever received, and if you have the chance, should not be missed. I’m pretty sure I went into some sort of trance during it.

How to Enter

Share with us your memorable psychedelic experiences, in the comments below, for a chance to win two tickets to one of the following showings of “Joshua Light-Show: Fulldome”

Friday, June 3rd @ 8pm (TONIGHT)
Saturday, June 4th @ 8pm
Sunday, June 5th @ 8pm

The winner of tonight’s tickets will be notified by 3pm E.T. Two other winners will be chosen by 9pm E.T. for the weekend tickets. You must notate in your entry, the showtime you are interested in attending. All entries must be from contestants who will be within reasonable distane of the venue, in New York City. Please make sure your posting account has a valid email attached so that we can contact you.

All standard Gawker Media contest rules apply, naturally.

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