This Sao Paolo home features a lush, wide open backyard and a long pool that runs the entire length of the it. But to get there, you have to go through a nondescript concrete door on a corner.

Designed by architect Isay Weinfeld, it comprises four rectangular box, each of which is finished of a different material. The living room is done with pebble-blasted concrete; the office with exposed concrete; the entertainment room with wood; and the dining room with sand-blasted concrete. Though it’s a very modern construction, with a wide look that emphasizes long, clean lines, it also incorporates its natural surroundings. An indoor garden leads to the main floor. Existing trees are included in the five patios. An atrium filled with plants is at the center of the building. Skylights installed throughout allow the sun to flood the space. And it’s a place you’d want to hang out. Besides the pool, there’s also a gym, a movie theater, and a sauna. [Deezen]

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