I have reported on a lot of terrific augmented reality stuff, and this Zapparel is something that is a long time coming.

This is the creation of Zappar and Hybrid Apparel, and there is a video after the jump so you can see how it works. I highly recommend watching it because it looks quite neat.

There are 20 different T-shirts, and there should be more coming out if this is a hit. I’m not certain whether or not people are willing to stand still while another scans them with an iPhone or Android device, but the video shows that the results are worth it!

You can see in the video that there is a space man with robot arms that shoots UFOs. If this is just what one design does, then I can’t wait to see what the other 19 do. What I don’t know is if the man wearing the Zapparel T-shirt has to stand there the whole time. If he walked away, would it be an instant game over?

Zapparel is planned to be launched exclusively at the International Fashion Expo, Magic in Las Vegas on August 22-24. The app is for free on the Android and iTunes marketplaces.

Martian Attack – Zapparel from Zappar on Vimeo.


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