Augmented reality can produce some really interesting applications, and Zazzle’s Realview technology is giving us yet another new use for it.

Have you ever wanted to put a poster on your wall, but were not certain how it would look when it was actually there? Fortunately, Zazzle prints has the solution to your problem, as augmented reality shows what it would actually look like.

All that is required is to download the Zazzle Wall Maker and you can see Zazzle Prints and Wrapped Canvas with over 80 different frames and 40 different mats. Then you print out the next biggest thing as a small QR Code and tape it on your wall where you want it. The next step is to take a picture of your wall, which can be done at any angle. Upload that image to Zazzle, and you will see if that new poster will “bring the room together”.

If you want to see what Zazzle has to offer, head on over to the official site and check the five categories below of Fine Art, Modern Art, Photography, Collections, and Music Posters. The actual posters are of varying sizes and prices, and there are quite a few of them to pick from.


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