Want to make a real pest of yourself, and intend to outdo the legendary Dennis the Menace? The Zing Air Zing Shot Launcher is a pretty good bet in helping you reach that social ladder, where £9.99 will net you a “weapon” which is fun to the wielder, while those on the receiving end of its shots will definitely go nuts.

Needless to say, the theory of evolution is applied to the humble slingshot here, where it boasts soft foam bullets as well as a range of up to 45 feet away – now that’s pretty far, and good thing those foam bullets are unable to gauge anybody’s eye out even if it hits the unintended target. Of course, better behaved ruffians out there (now is that an oxymoron or what) will be able to use this to shoot down cans from afar so that they can hustle the next fun fair that rolls by…

Of course, you can always augment your arsenal further with the £4.99 Zing Air Zing Shot refill pack just in case whatever comes with it isn’t enough to fulfill that itch that asks to be scratched.

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